Media Resources for AHLA Members

AHLA has developed a variety of tools designed to enhance your awareness of industry-related media coverage, and develop your own effective communication strategies with press.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Media Advisories. Emailed advisories of pertinent media coverage and trends on industry issues affecting your business.  

Recommended Action Response Plans. When faced with a crisis situation, these valuable action plans provide detailed strategic advice for developing your own crisis communication plan. 

Talking Point Guidelines. AHLA has identified and addressed key messages in various situations with recommended talking point guidelines, which will assist in effectively communicating your position. 

Information Center. Ask us virtually anything hospitality-related, and we'll dig through our archives, data, and recent news articles to find it for you.  Use our research services to help support your media pitch, business proposal, or just stock up on industry background information you want at your fingertips.  To learn more, contact Kyle Howton, Information Center Research Director at or (713) 743-6797. 

Official Position Statements. As the nonprofit trade organization serving the lodging industry, AHLA has taken an official position on numerous newsworthy topics and issues.  Check out the Members Only page for statements on a variety of issues.

Lodging magazine. As the official publication of AHLA, Lodging is the leading industry resource for information on cutting-edge issues, latest trends, and innovative people within the community.  For more information, please visit the Lodging Website.

Trade Press
Listing of Lodging Industry Trade Press

Next Steps

If you are a member and wish to learn more about these benefits, please contact Rosanna at or (202) 289-3144. 

If you're not a member, but would like to learn more about the benefits associated with AHLA, please contact the AHLA membership department at (202) 289-3100 or